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The Most Popular Car the Year You Were Born

Take a stroll down memory lane—past the Studebakers, Skylines, Supras, and Saturns—on this fun automotive nostalgia trip. Here is the...

How to Inspect an Accessory Belt Drive System

Did you know that cooling system failure is one of the main causes of roadside breakdown in Canada? Looking at just...

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Drivers could get the ride of their dreams for a real steal in the 1950s.

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A Passion For Classics: My Life With Buicks

The moment he laid eyes on a Buick his father bought in the late 1940s, Keith Horsfall has never wanted...

DIY Tutorial: How to Replace a Fuel Pump

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This Is the Best-Selling Car of All Time

It's been on the market for more than 50 years, but this car is still holding strong.

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The 1-Second Tire Test That Could Save Your Life

Phones may not be the number one culprit when it comes to safe driving.

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Audiobooks are perfect for passing the time on long car rides. These terrific selections will keep a wide age range...

8 Tricks You Need to Stay Awake During Long Drives

Worried about drifting off behind the wheel? These long driving tips can help.

Car Freshening Hacks You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

These unconventional tips will help get rid of car smells and keep unwanted odours at bay.

The 5 Most Dangerous Countries to Drive In

It's not the best idea to be behind the wheel in these countries.

Why You Should Never, Ever Put Your Feet on the Dashboard

Audra Tatum, a mother of three from Walker County, Georgia, learned this lesson the hard way. Here's her simple warning...

How to Organize a Classic Car Cruise

There's no better way to share your passion for vintage automobiles than to organize a classic car cruise for you...

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Go to Another Car Wash

Between the whipping brushes, acid-etching chemicals and mineral deposits, you might want to think twice before heading to the car...

The 40 Most Scenic Drives in the United States

From the lonely roads to coastal drives, gas up the car and check out 40 of the most scenic byways...

How to Repair a Car Heater Hose

It's a good idea to keep a heater hose repair kit in your car (and learn how to use it)...

How to Change Front Brake Pads: Step By Step Instructions

Changing front brake pads is simpler than replacing rear disc brakes, and if you have experience doing basic repairs the...

How to Diagnose and Repair a Broken Auto Light Socket

Got a headlight out? Use these four simple steps to determine if your bad headlight or taillight is caused by...

10 Car Models We Wish Would Return

They may be discontinued, but these cool cars continue to impress people around the world.

Farewell to the Beetle: Our Favourite TV and Film Appearances the Car Made

As production on this iconic car winds down, we look at the mark it has made on pop culture.

5 Invaluable Tools You Should Always Have in Your Car

These tools will always get you out of a jam—and possibly save your life.

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Let your taste buds guide your travel plans! These road trip destinations on the East Coast of the United States...