Why You Shouldn’t Attach Any Other Keys to Your Ignition Key

It's hard to believe something as small as keys could have such a big impact on your vehicle.

It seems like every day there’s a new car myth to debunk. Will regular tune-ups really extend the life of your car? How about the idea that cold engines need to be warmed up before driving? Here’s one car conundrum that’s not only true, but can be downright dangerous if left unaddressed.  

A weighted question

How can the keys on your keyring have any real effect on the ignition, you may be wondering? Jake McKenzie, content manager for autoaccessoriesgarage.com, explains: “Too many keys on your keyring can damage the sensitive interior components of your ignition cylinder. Your ignition cylinder really wasn’t engineered to hold much weight on it, and when you hang a heavy keyring from your ignition every bump, turn and vibration will slowly but surely wear down the delicate inner elements.” Find out 13 other ways you’re shortening the life of your car.

A (car) accident waiting to happen

Wearing down the ignition cylinder could ultimately lead to intermittent starting problems or other major safety issues. Lauren Milligan, a career advancement coach at ResuMAYDAY, shared this story: “My husband, years ago, had probably three dozen keys on his ring. The weight shifted around the ignition so badly that while he was driving, he could pull the key out of the ignition and continue to drive. Before that happened, my husband’s mechanic warned him plenty of times about how his key ring was too heavy.” Yikes! 

So it’s not the keys themselves that are the problem—it’s the weight of the keys hanging from the ignition that’s the issue. While there is no professional consensus on how many keys are too many, most experts agree that five or six keys should really be the max amount. An even better option is to have your ignition key on its own keyring to completely reduce the weight pressing down on the ignition. While this may seem like a small thing, it can end up creating costly repercussions. So ditch the heavy key ring and travel light—your car ignition will thank you.

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