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4 Car Repair Scams to Watch Out For

Avoid being overcharged for a service you don’t really need. Here are four car repairs you absolutely must drive away from.

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Engine flushPhoto: Shutterstock

Engine Flush

Don’t let them trip you up: Get an engine flush only if you’ve been driving the car for several years and notice a build-up of greasy material under the oil cap. If a mechanic says you need a flush because your oil is “dirty,” he’s lying.

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Fuel-Injector Cleaning

Fuel injectors should be cleaned, but usually not until they’ve logged a lot of miles (think 100,000 or more). If the mechanic says the ones on your 20,000-mile car are filthy, he’s full of it. However, if you do suspect that there might be a problem with your fuel injectors, play it safe and add fuel-injector cleaner to your gas tank during your next fill-up. Otherwise, if you buy good-quality gas and have a fairly new car, your injectors probably don’t require cleaning.

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Mechanic repairing lifted carPhoto: Shutterstock

Gas-Saving Devices

They do not work. Period. To save gas, accelerate gradually, avoid unnecessary braking, empty your trunk of junk and learn how to coast effectively.

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Cross-section of car gearboxPhoto: Shutterstock

Auto-Transmission Flush

Don’t even think about it until your odometer has reached 60,000 miles, since most cars have filters that keep transmission fluid flowing freely.

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