Breakfasts/Brunches Recipes

Fresh out of breakfast ideas? Don’t fret – just borrow some of our delicious and healthy breakfast recipes. We won’t tell!

Strawberry Bran Waffles

Strawberry bran waffles

Start the day off on a sweet note with this recipe for a healthy and hearty breakfast that’s surprisingly low in calories.

Banana Pancakes

Banana pancakes

Bananas are one of nature’s sweetest treats—they’re virtually fat-free and offer a helping of potassium and vitamins. These pancakes will be popular with all ages, and make a satisfying and delicious start to the day.

Low-Fat Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

This dish traditionally uses ham or bacon and a rich butter sauce. Here, a yogurt and chive hollandaise sauce contrasts with the richness of poached eggs and lean ham, to make a lighter, but equally special version.

Overnight Vegetable & Egg Breakfast


These overnight eggs and veggies make a hearty breakfast for those who have to rush out the door in the morning.

Frittata Florentine


Eggs are not just for breakfast. Whip up a nutritious and delicious frittata for dinner in just 20 minutes.

Overnight Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Bake

With a little bit of prep the night before, this Udi’s Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Bake will make for a very easy breakfast the next morning. Awaken your family and guests with the scrumptious sent of vanilla, cinnamon and raisins. It is guaranteed to become one of your favourite things to make, particularly when you have visitors.