The World’s 10 Most Famous Streets (1/10)

Whether it's for their historic nature, inherent uniqueness, or simply because they are the heart and soul of their city, these 10 famous streets around the world are worth the journey in and of themselves.

Champs ElyséesPhoto: Thinkstock

Champs Elysées

When it comes to Paris‘ sights and attractions, the Champs Elysées is one of the city’s most famous. Running through Paris’ 8th arrondissement, it attracts tourists the world over for its historical presence in the city, but also for the chic little cafés and shops located throughout the avenue. Its western end leads all the way to the Arc de Triomphe, one of the city’s most popular monuments, which visitors can climb for a breathtaking shot of the Champs Elysées before them.

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