Top 10 Sexiest Places on the Planet (1/10)

If Paris, Amsterdam and Argentina no longer boost your libido, give these sexy world travel destinations a shot.

World's 10 Sexiest Places: Ipanema, Brazil

World’s 10 Sexiest Places: Ipanema, Brazil

Welcome to Ipanema – a tantalizing corner of Rio de Janeiro alive with glistening sunbathers. But the steamy view doesn’t end with the minimal bikinis and male G-strings. This oasis boasts two kilometres of white sandy beaches framed by gently rolling azure tides. Chances are, this hedonistic beachfront community might sound familiar. The holiday hot spot first blasted into the public consciousness back in 1962 when the bossa nova hit ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ flirted with radio listeners worldwide. Today, Ipanema is one of Brazil’s most sexually charged destinations where inhibitions melt away in the midday heat.

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