13 Unusual Holiday Traditions From Around the World (13/14)

Bored with your own holiday traditions? Check out these playful, heartwarming and downright strange Christmas customs from around the globe.

12. Newfoundland's Mummering

12. Newfoundland’s Mummering

The Maritime province has a long tradition of Mummering – the boisterous practice of visiting neighbourhood homes while dressed in elaborate disguises. Mummers often adopt unique speech patterns, gaits and postures, and men will dress as women and vice versa. Through song, dance and comedic plays, the mummers try to remain unrecognizable to the people they visit. If the homeowners identify the mummers, the unmasked reveler is gifted with food and drink. Each December, Newfoundland throws the fun-filled Mummers Festival with parades, concerts and workshops. Join the party! For more details, visit http://mummersfestival.ca/

(Photo © Mummers Festival)

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