10 Over-Indulgent Hotel Perks You Never Knew You Needed (1/10)

Since state-of-the-art gyms, decadent spas and celebrity chefs are now the norm at hotels around the globe, some establishments are taking their services to an impressive new level. From pet psychics to social media concierges, here are 10 hotel services that you didn't know you needed - until now!

A Giraffe's BreakfastPhoto: The Safari Collection

A Giraffe’s Breakfast

Looking for an African safari getaway unlike any other? In Nairobi, Kenya, one hotel – the Giraffe Manor – stands head and shoulders above its competition. Guests of this exquisite boutique hotel can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the company of eight endangered Rothschild giraffes. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you – the hotel’s 140 acres serve as the home and sanctuary for these majestic creatures. Most mornings the giraffes stroll by the manor to welcome guests and score some tasty treats, so don’t be surprised if a long-necked friend pops his head through the window to greet you.

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