10 Must-Visit Miami Attractions (8/10)

Sip a mojito, snag some sun and kick back with the 10 finest beaches, museums and nightspots in beautiful Miami.

8. Merrick's Coral Gables Fantasies

8. Merrick’s Coral Gables Fantasies

Coral Gables, one of the country’s richest neighbourhoods, is a separate city within Greater Miami, and feels it. Aptly described as the City Beautiful, its swanky homes line avenues shaded by giant banyans and oak, backing up to hidden canals. Regulations ensure that new buildings use the same architectural vocabularly advocated by George Merrick when he planned the community in the 1920s. Merrick’s taste sometime ran to the Disneyesque, but undeniably he created a wonderland of a place that has not lost its aesthetic impact.

(Photo courtesy of The Miami Story/Flickr)

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