10 Coolest Toy Stores in the World (6/10)

Toying around with kid-friendly travel ideas? Create your own toy story with these exciting destinations ideal for kids of all ages.

6. LARK Toys - Kellogg, Minnesota, United States

6. LARK Toys – Kellogg, Minnesota, United States

LARK Toys’ family-run business harks back to another era. Its warm, welcoming atmosphere and 20,000 square feet of family fun makes this toy store stand out from the crowd. Kids can enjoy Jack-in-the-boxes, marbles, tea sets, books, puppets, trolls and LARK’s specialty, their famous handmade heirloom wooden toys. But that’s not all LARK has to offer. How many toy stores can brag about their hard-carved carousel, outdoor mini-golf course, antique toy collection and pet llamas? And when visitors are in need of a little refreshment, they can indulge in LARK’s candy shop, café or homemade fudge emporium. Independent – and proud of it – LARK Toys is a playtime destination that brings out the kid in all of us.

(Photo courtesy of MMJ512/Flickr)

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