Top 10 Tips for Finding a Cheap Vacation Online (1/10)

Click your way to savings and get the vacation of your dreams by learning the tips, tricks and websites that will help you find a cheap vacation online.

Don't Care Where? Go Last Minute!Photo: Thinkstock

Don’t Care Where? Go Last Minute!

If you’re not stuck on a single destination and any place that fits a broad set of criteria will do-say, an island with decent food, a good beach and plenty of sunshine-then last minute is definitely the way to go. Tour operators begin by offering packages at more-or-less fair market value, but as time passes and the departure date grows close, they would rather slash those prices than let rooms sit empty. Start searching on sites like and a couple weeks before your desired departure date, and once a deal pops up that fits your budget and desires, book it right away-the best offers don’t last long.

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