How to Avoid Jet Lag: 6 Easy Strategies (1/7)

Whether you're flying for business or pleasure, you can't afford to let jet lag steal precious time from your trip. Here's how to avoid jet lag-or at the very least, breeze your way through it.

Avoid jet lag and make the most of your travelsPhoto: Khongkit Wiriyachan/ShutterStock

Avoid jet lag and make the most of your travels

You don’t have to travel to Beijing to get jet-lagged. Don’t believe us? Fly from New York to Denver and back in three days and see how you feel over the next week. The truth is, for every time zone change, you need a day to recover. So flying from New York to London can put you off base for six days (every hour of flying time approximates one time zone).

You may not be able to completely avoid jet lag, but you can be one of those people who more or less breeze through it. Here’s how. 

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