Your Guide to Summer Camping (3/6)

Thinking about going camping for the summer? Make sure you and your family have a safe and fun camping experience by following this checklist.

Mount Robson Provincial ParkPhoto: Shutterstock

For Experts

The spot:
Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia

Why you should go:
If you’re an experienced backcountry hiker, this park—which turns 100 this year—and its Berg Lake Trail are on your bucket list. The trail itself is heavily travelled, but there’s a ton of glacier-carved scenery to discover off the beaten path, in the shade of the Canadian Rockies’ highest peak. (Heads up, adrenalin junkies: the first part of the trail allows mountain bikes.)

The gear:
The Petzl Nao
is being heralded as a backcountry game changer. Marketed as the first “intelligent” headlamp, the device uses a sensor to adjust to what you’re seeing: it will soften to save power and make for easier reading when you consult a map, and go long when you’re in need of a spotlight in an open space. 
A USB battery charger will keep it running right. 
$159, mec.ca

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