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Top 10 Greatest Canadian Road Trips

Whether you go for drive in your own backyard, or head thousands of kilometres across this great nation, here are the 10 best places to cruise this spring.

By Tim Johnson
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The Klondike Highway, Yukon

Plunging through unbelievable wilderness and crossing the mighty Yukon River a number of times, the Klondike Highway provides both northern exposure and an unforgettable trip. Huge expanses of forest and scenic vistas over lakes and valleys are interrupted every hour or so by quirky roadhouses staffed by interesting characters.

Scarf down a cinnamon bun at Braeburn Lodge (where the baking is so good they had to install an airstrip for hungry bush pilots), then take your dinner at Moose Creek Lodge, where you can relay your order to the kitchen from an old-fashioned phone installed high in a tree. Make sure to reserve plenty of time for Dawson City, which has been one of Canada’s most rollicking towns since the time of its great Klondike Gold Rush, more than 100 years ago.

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