Canada’s Most Beautiful Cottage Retreats (8/10)

With the arrival of summer's heat and humidity comes the great Canadian pastime - escaping to the cottage. Be spoilt for choice with these 10 gorgeous Canadian cottage country destinations.

8. Prince Edward Island

8. Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a magical place where a warm, sandy beach is always within easy reach. Virtually all of PEI is cottage country. Each corner offers its own unique vibe. Western PEI is rich in Acadian and Mi’kmaq culture and features the incredible white beaches of Cedar Dunes Provincial Park. The eastern reach of PEI has endless sand dunes at Greenwich National Park and six lighthouses to explore. Head to the north shores of central PEI and be smitten by spectacular white beaches, red-stone cliff formations and close access to some of PEI’s most treasured attractions: Confederation Trail, Charlottetown and Green Gables Heritage Place.

(Photo courtesy Tourism PEI)

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