Top 10 Strange Places in Canada (9/10)

From thousands of snakes to thousands of feet above earth, these strange, wild and unusual destinations make Canada one of the craziest places on earth. Prepare yourself for a visit to the strangest places in Canada. 

9. Strange Places in Canada: Dining in the Dark, Montreal and Toronto

9. Strange Places in Canada: Dining in the Dark, Montreal and Toronto

Here’s a different spin on a blind date at this strange place: Montreal and Toronto have restaurants where you dine completely in the dark. The restaurants are named O.NOIR and the pitch for dining in the pitch black is: “When you eat without your sight, your remaining senses are heightened to savour the smell and taste of food.” It’s a style of dining that was begun by a blind pastor in Zurich who wanted his dinner guests share his experience. The wait staff are visually impaired. The cooks are not.

(Photo courtesy of Matthew Burpee/Flickr)

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