10 Great Places To Go Glamping In Canada (1/10)

Pitching your own tent is so passé! Join Canada’s latest vacation craze – glamping. Mixing glamorous amenities with camping out in the wild, these vacation alternatives come pre-assembled and accessorized with lavish features. Here are our top 10 picks across the country.

1. Luxury Tents

1. Luxury Tents

Leave your sleeping bag and beverage cooler at home, because camping in Canada just got an extravagant upgrade. King, or queen-sized beds, en suite bathrooms with heated floors, antique dressers, heirloom china, thermostat-controlled heating, chef-created cuisine, complimentary wireless internet access – welcome to the sumptuous world of tent living at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on Vancouver Island. Here, pampered guests experience hospitality with an exclusive touch. Whether you choose to relax with a personal massage, learn to surf on a private beach, or explore hidden inlets by kayak, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is the perfect getaway for families, and couples of all ages.


(Photo: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort)

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