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  • The Challenges of Early Motherhood>>

    Bringing a newborn into the world is a blessing, but it doesn't always feel that way. Like any new job, learning to be a mom can be toughest in the beginning.>>

  • 5 Ways to Avoid Technology Addiction>>

    Research suggests that at least 64 per cent of people now spend up to 4 hours daily of leisure time on a computer. Just as TV watching has been linked to higher rates of obesity and diabetes, this extra sedentary computer time is bad news for the nation’s health. Here a few easy tips to help kick the habit.>>

  • 5 Secrets to Stronger Nails>>

    No one really knows why we have nails, but whatever the reason, they make it easier to do many things, such as pick up small items. They also provide an external sign of health: weak, brittle nails often signal a nutritional deficiency. Follow these health-boosting tips to ensure strong and healthy nails.>>

  • 7 Successful Relationship Secrets>>

    It’s not diamonds and flowers that make a relationship remain as warm, loving and intimate as it was at the start. It’s the little things. So check out the tips that follow.>>

  • 7 Foods to Prevent a Stroke>>

    A massive study of thousands of women, called the Nurses Health Study, showed that eating the typical Western-style diet increased stroke risk by 58 percent, whereas consuming more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fish — the same foods that guard against so many other diseases — lowered that risk by 30 per cent. Here's where to start.>>

  • Protect Yourself from Online Dating Fraud>>

    Looking for companionship on the Internet? Hold on to your wallet. Canadians have become targets in a fast-growing form of financial exploitation: online dating.>>

  • The Cancer Journals: Round in Circles>>

    This week, Sheelagh describes her deepest feelings of fear even after treatment is over and she is officially declared cancer-free.>>

  • 6 Healthy Hair Secrets>>

    Read on to find out how to keep your hair looking as healthy and shiny as possible all year long.>>

  • 6 Foods to Help Prevent Alzheimer's>>

    Alzheimer's disease often begins with what appears to be simple forgetfulness, but it wreaks much more havoc over time, destroying speech, comprehension, and coordination and causing restlessness and dramatic mood swings. One in three people over the age of 80 will be its victim, and most of us sit back and hope we won't be one of them. The right diet may delay the onset of the disease or lower your risk by as much as 40%. So, isn't a diet change worth it?>>

  • 5 Foods to Control Migraines>>

    While experts don’t know exactly what causes migraines, they do know that almost anything can cause one – including weather changes, strong odours, stress, loss of sleep, certain foods and drinks, and fluctuations in estrogen levels (why no doubt three times more women than men get them). Avoiding the foods that often trigger migraines while making a point of eating those that help prevent them may reduce the number — and intensity — of headaches you get.>>

  • 4 Natural Antidepressants>>

    Depression can be serious and often requires professional help or sometimes medication. However, increasing your intake of certain key nutrients may help prevent depression, ease symptoms, or improve the effectiveness of antidepressant medications.>>

  • 5 Ways to Eat Like a Dentist>>

    We talked to Dr. Euan Swan, manager of dental programs at the Canadian Dental Association in Ottawa, about eating strategies that dentists use to keep their teeth in tip-top shape.>>

  • The Power of Broccoli>>

    Find out how you can benefit your health with this leafy green veggie. Plus, get a few tips on how to serve it up.>>

  • 3 Recipes from Eva Longoria>>

    Treat your guests or your family to a delicious meal with a Mexican twist with Hollywood star, Eva Longoria's very own recipes.>>

  • 6 Ways to Prevent Obesity>>

    You may think the answer is simple: Eat less. But the usual means of weight loss people try — starving themselves or going on fad diets — simply do not work. Losing weight doesn't mean going hungry; it means eating well. Read on to find out how to do it.>>