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    Looking for advice on how to woo your lady? Here are former Habs player Georges Laraque's tips on how to win over your Valentine.>>

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    Take these four effective tips to stop your nosebleed and get on with your day.>>

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  • 5 Things To Do with Epsom Salts>>

    You probably use epsom salts to relax in the bath, but magnesium sulfate, the active compound in the salts, is used in everything from agriculture to food preparation. Find out 5 creative ways you can put it to work around the house!>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Bath Oil>>

    Fragrant oils are a part of every culture in every era from the Egyptians to the Native American. Our modern version are the perfumed bath oils we to reduce stress. Take the bath oil out of the bathroom and let it soothe other stressful situations like a dreary car, filthy hands or scuffed handbag.>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Address Labels>>

    Got some extra address labels lying around? Use them to tag your luggage, kids' supplies, electronics, and more! Read on for the many great uses of address labels.>>

  • 5 Tips to Make Your Home Look Fabulous>>

    With the abundance of home furnishing stores offering attractive products at affordable prices, home decorating has never been easier. However, this has also increased the chances that your living room will resemble that of your friends. How can you avoid the homogenized look? Here are five suggestions on how to create a unique and fabulous look for your home.>>

  • 6 Debit Card Safety Tips>>

    Are you worred about debit card fraud and identity theft? March is Fraud Prevention Month, so learn how to keep your debit card safe with these easy tips. Click through to read more.>>

  • Tyra's 6 Get-Real Beauty Secrets>>

    You don't need to spend a fortune to look supermodel chic. Former supermodel, talk show host, and business mogul Tyra Banks lets us in on her secrets for looking fierce everyday.>>

  • 5 Steps to Manage Your Temper>>

    Studies are showing that blowing your gasket is as unhealthy as suppressing rage. Both drive up your heart rate and blood pressure. Try these techniques to shift your anger from heart to head so you can you let off steam without scalding anyone in the process.>>

  • 5 Picture Hanging Tips>>

    You just bought the perfect piece of art. But where to put it? The living room? The kitchen? Should you hang it high up on the wall, or maybe lower? These tips will help you demystify the art of picture hanging.>>

  • 5 Steps to Starting a Vegetable Garden>>

    Starting up a vegetable garden is a big job, but it’s endlessly rewarding: you’ll grow tasty, healthy vegetables for you and your family, and you’ll be helping the planet by encouraging local food production. Here’s a very quick guide to starting up your own veggie garden.>>

  • 7 Ways to Make Walking More Enjoyable>>

    Walking is a great form of exercise and the best part is that it’s completely free. Forget pricey gym memberships. Learn how you can make the most out of this easy exercise without spending a dime.>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Paper Towels>>

    Paper towels are handy for cleaning up messes. But did you know you can also use them to microwave bacon, keep produce fresh, and prevent cast iron from rusting?>>

  • Top Ten Rules for Regifting>>

    Some say it’s cheap, others say it’s frugal; some say it’s unforgivable and still others say it’s simply another form of recycling. But no matter what anyone says, regifting is here to stay! So here’s how to do it guilt-free—and how to not get caught.>>