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  • 50 Things Your Vet Won't Tell You>>

    Ever wondered what your vet's really thinking? Actual veterinarians reveal their juiciest stories and gossip.>>

  • What You Need to Know about Pet Vaccinations>>

    Rabies shots are one way of protecting dogs and cats from disease, but what about the other vaccinations your vet has to offer? Here’s a guide to guarding your four-legged friends against all manner of infections.>>

  • Weight Watchers: Canada’s Pet Obesity Problem>>

    A pudgy pet can be cute, but an overweight pet could lead to problems down the road.>>

  • 7 Homemade Dog Food Recipes>>

    We all love our furry friends, but they can really be expensive! If you're looking to save some money on dog food and treats, or just want to take comfort in knowing what is in their dish, try making your own with these seven recipes.>>

  • 5 Lazy Summer Accessories for Your Pet>>

    Pets need a summer break, too, you know. Here are five lounge-ready picks for your furry family.>>

  • Dog Days of Summer>>

    Five picks for the pampered pet.>>

  • 7 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Toxic For Pets>>

    Keep your pet’s safety in mind while cooking Thanksgiving dinner and remember to avoid feeding these common holiday treats to your cat or dog.>>

  • 7 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Sniffing>>

    Does your dog have a bad habit of sticking his nose where it doesn't belong? Try these no-fail tips to get your pup's behaviour under control and stop him from sniffing everything.>>

  • 10 Dog Training Tips to Stop Bad Behaviour>>

    Trying to break a bad doggy habit? Get your pup on the right page by taking some basic tips on how to train your dog.>>

  • 11 Ways to Prevent Pet Heatstroke>>

    Put your pet's health first this summer and learn easy ways to stop overheating and avoid heatstroke.>>

  • Essential Vaccinations for Your Dog and Cat>>

    Confused about your pet’s vaccinations? Stay organized and up-to-date with this useful guide.>>

  • How to Keep Your Dog Healthy: 7 Easy Ways>>

    How do you keep your dog healthy? Make sure your dog has a long and happy life by following these easy, everyday tips for keeping pups healthy.>>

  • Just How Old Is Your Cat or Dog, Really?>>

    Figure out how old your pets are with this handy guide to cat and dog aging.>>

  • 10 Most Common Causes of Dog Emergencies>>

    The vets at Pet Poison Helpline share some important information for pet owners to avoid bringing your pet to doggie emergency and keep your pets safe!>>

  • 10 Ways to Tell If Your Dog is Healthy>>

    Keeping an eye out for early signs of medical problems is one of the most important things you can do for your dog, and could save you a lot of stress, time and money in the long run – not to mention your dog's health. Here's a list of 10 checks to perform regularly.>>

  • 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Owning a Pet>>

    Find out the surprising health benefits owning a pet offers that could even save your life.>>

  • 4 Fat Cat Workout Tips>>

    If you're cat is overweight, chances are you know how hard it can be to get them back in shape. Try these quick, easy techniques to get Fluffy fit again.>>

  • 4 Signs Your Pet Might Be Sick>>

    Whether your pet is young or old, these health warning sings are easy to catch and can make a difference. Check out four warning signs that your cat or dog is sick.>>

  • 20 Things Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat>>

    Most dogs are natural-born eating machines. Puppies, in particular, are inclined to sample the world with their mouths, much like a two-year-old human toddler. What are the most common things that Sparky shouldn’t eat… but might really, really want to?>>

  • How to Find a Good Vet>>

    Animal medicine in Canada is performed by some 6,600 veterinarians, professionals who must pass stringent university entrance requirements and complete six years of education. So how do you find the best caregiver for your pet? Here’s tips on how to find a good vet. >>

  • Helping Your Pet Lose Weight>>

    Many domestic pets are overweight or obese. Overweight dogs and cats are at greater risk for a wide variety of health conditions, including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, back problems, and skin problems.>>

  • 3 Pet Dental Care Tips>>

    Your pet’s bad breath may be more than just an annoyance, warns Alexander Reiter, DVM, of the American Veterinary Dental College. “Ninety-five percent of the time, a dog’s or cat’s bad breath is due to periodontal disease.” The condition can lead to tooth loss and has been linked to many diseases.>>

  • Fat Cat Workout>>

    If your dog starts packing on the pounds, you take him for walks to get him moving. With cats, it's more difficult. If your cat is gaining too much weight, here's what you can do to help.>>

  • 4 Ways to Cheer Up a Depressed Cat>>

    You may think that cats have an easy life—eat when they want, lounge around home all day—but it can get quite lonely and many kitties fall into bouts of depression. Help your kitty get back his spunk with these four tips.>>

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