Tips for Grooming Your Cat (4/9)

Want to keep kitty pretty? Then you’d better whip out that brush now and then. Click through our photo gallery and follow this simple guide.


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When and How Should I Groom?

All cats should be groomed at least once a week. Being gentle is crucial: Hold your cat firmly but not too hard. To get your cat comfortable, always start with her less-sensitive parts, like her back, and end with sensitive parts, like the tail and genital areas. With longhairs and semi-longhairs, pay attention to areas that easily become matted, like the belly and tail. If you’re using a metal comb, be careful and don’t drag it through your cat’s fur to remove tangles. Check your cat’s rear end for soiling, and if necessary clean it up with damp cotton balls. Do the same between her toes in case they’re clogged with damp litter. Groom your kitten more frequently in the spring and fall – her molting periods – to avoid hairballs and excess shedding.


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