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  • Storytime Poem>>

    Imagine travelling to wherever the wind takes you, literally! Here is the full poem by Ruth Kile of Surrey, B.C., with original illustrations. A shorter version of the poem with an illustration by our very own Bill Suddick was published in the August/September issue or Our Canada.>>

  • Four Homeless Millionaires>>

    Rik Leaf, his wife, Zara, and kids, Zion and Riel, took a chance and invested in their dream: They sold their house and travelled the world. Read their story in the June/July issue of Our Canada! Here are a few extra photos of their adventures.>>

  • Backyard Artistry>>

    Exotic residential gardens can be found throughout Quebec and photographer Perry Mastrovito treats us to a tour of some of the most spectacular in the June/July issue of Our Canada. Here are a few extra photos.>>

  • A Wave of Artistry>>

    The Wave Artists' Studio Tour is creating quite a splash in Manitoba. Here are a few works from some of the artists on the tour. Read the full story by fiber artist Dianne Fitzmaurice in the June/July issue of Our Canada.>>

  • Real Life Treasure Hunting>>

    Judith McLeod of Lethbridge, Alta., and her husband, Doug, have been geocaching for seven years. Jennifer McDougall of Mount Forest, Ont., and her family have been geocaching for three years. Both families find many reasons to go out geocaching in every season in all kinds of weather. Here are a few photos of their adventures which you can read about in the June/July issue of Our Canada.>>

  • The Gateway to Atlantic Canada>>

    A 35-year resident of New Brunswick, Linda McCormack knows every nook and cranny of this beautiful Maritime province. See her stunning photo essay in the May issue of More of Our Canada.>>

  • Back to the Beginning of Art>>

    Using cave art as her inspiration, this talented artist, Wanda Whaley of Bentley, Alta., found a unique way to reconnect with nature through her artwork. Read her story in the May issue of More of Our Canada or visit her website.>>

  • Winged Beauty>>

    Combining his relatively new passion for photography with his interest in Canadian birds, Ken Crebbin treats us to spectacular photos of the feathered wildlife near his home in southern Alberta. See his photo essay in the April/May issue.>>

  • A New Life in Canada>>

    A newcomer to Canada discovers his new country through photography. Read the story of Illich Calix, originally from Honduras and now living in Brandon, Man., in the March issue of More of Our Canada.>>

  • Fiction Winner: Thin Ice>>

    "Thin Ice" by Andrea Cameron of Brockville, Ont., won first prize in our 2011 Short Fiction and Poetry contest. Her story was published in the 2012 June/July issue of Our Canada. Hopefully it will inspire you to write and submit to our new fiction section Writer's Block!>>

  • Unforgettable Collection>>

    Ella MacLeod of Penobsquis, N.B., has more than 600 elephants in her collection! Read her story in the February/March issue of Our Canada.>>

  • Winter Camping in Killarney, Ontario>>

    A hardy group of pals proves that with the proper gear and know-how, winter camping is a blast. Read about Gary Storr of Alton, Ont., and his winter camping adventure with friends in the January issue of More of Our Canada.>>

  • Walking With Wolves>>

    Imagine communing with grey wolves in their natural habitat! For Marlene Graham of Delta, B.C., and her husband, they did just that at the Northern Lights Wolf Centre! Find their story in the January issue of More of Our Canada.>>

  • Bonus 10th Anniversary Content>>

    We've put the extra content available on the iPad edition of the 10th anniversary issue in an online magazine for everyone to enjoy!>>

  • Our Canada's 10th Birthday Party>>

    We had a little party at the office to celebrate Our Canada's 10th Birthday! Send in your pics celebrating the 10th anniversary of Our Canada with the magazine!>>

  • Illustrator Extraordinaire>>

    In the December/January 2014 anniversary issue, we featured an interview with Bill Suddick, our amazing illustrator who has been with the magazine since its beginning in 2004. Here are a few of the stories published along with his inspired illustrations!>>

  • Remembrance Destinations in France>>

    A few Canadians visited some special places in France - Vimy and Normandy - to remember and reflect. See their stories in the November issue of More of Our Canada.>>

  • Where the Mountains Meet the Prairies>>

    Leonard Heinonen of Lethbridge, Alta., discovers new wonders every time he visits Waterton Lakes National Park. See his full photo essay in the November issue of More of Our Canada.>>

  • Searching for Montreal>>

    Emiliano Joanes discovered his new city (and still does today!) through photography after moving to Montreal from Kenya in 1970. Read his story in the October/November issue.>>

  • Pet Paparazzo>>

    Aren't these faces fetching? That's the goal of Anick Gagne of Cowansville, Que., who takes photos of the animals from her local shelter to help with their adoption. Read her story in the October/November issue.>>

  • Special Moments Photo Contest: Phase 3 Winner and Best Of>>

    Thank you to all who entered the final phase of our Special Moments contest. Published in the October/November issue, here is the winning and runner up photos. Thanks for such amazing photos! Plus, here's a link to a video slideshow of even more of our favourites!>>

  • Editor Gary's Trip Westward>>

    In mid-August, OC editor Gary and his wife Aurora flew to Calgary and embarked upon a rollicking rent-a-car road trip through parts of Alberta and British Columbia. Read more about his trip in his blog post A Time to Remember.>>