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As an editor for a magazine that’s all about Canada, I was pretty excited when I came across an article by Michael Macdonald of the Canadian Press this morning that was all about Canadian pride.
Apparently, despite the commonly held notion that we (and by we, I mean Canadians) are not nearly as patriotic as our neighbours to the south, we are, in fact, wearing our collective hearts (and Maple Leaf flags) proudly on our sleeves.
The results of an Ipsos-Reid online survey of 1,100 people taken recently show that Canadians’ sense of national pride is becoming “an in-your-face swagger.” In addition, many of us, eight in ten to be exact, believe we should put even more effort into displaying our national pride.
The article points out that one of the most interesting findings is that the maple leaf was selected by 59% of people as their overwhelming choice for a national symbol—one of the most decisive findings in the survey. In fact, one in five of those surveyed said they would consider getting a tattoo of a Canadian flag somewhere on their body. And, most feel there is no inappropriate place to display the flag, including your underwear!
Symbols that were previously thought to be popular Canadian icons such as Mounties, beavers and hockey jerseys only earned ten per cent of the vote each. Even less popular were the polar bear, inukshuks, canoes, poutine and (gasp) Anne of Green Gables!
Other questions on the survey asked what could be considered quintessential Canadian food and drink. Almost half of respondents chose salmon, followed by poutine, back bacon, Timbits, Montreal bagels (yum) and ketchup-flavoured chips.
Three guesses as to what our national drink is? Beer, of course, chosen by 42%, ice wine came in at 25% followed by ginger ale, cider and the Caesar.
So, what do think? Are we becoming more patriotic? Do you plan to celebrate Canada Day this weekend by doing anything special? If you do, send your stories and photos to ourcanada.ca. I’m taking (another) extra-long weekend so I wish you all a safe and happy Canada Day.

Posted by: Maryanne on Thu. 2012-06-28 2:06pm

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