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Our Moral Progress in Question

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged
by the way its animals are treated."

I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to have my dog taken from me after some kind of incident and killed by my own city with no discussion. That’s what has happened to two dogs who, of course, happen to be pit bulls, Zeus and Wicca, this month in Quebec.

“’If a dog harms, bites or attacks a person, there should only be one sentence and that’s euthanasia,’ said Martine Painchaud, spokesperson for Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay.”

So, what about the countless bites by small dogs, which are much more common than those by larger canines? Furthermore, what about human-on-human attacks that can cause as much or more damage to a person? Should we execute all of those people too? Our jails would be practically empty!

Even if a dog attacks or bites many times and the owner does nothing to change his or her own behavior, let alone the dog’s, even then there are still other solutions to killing outright – mandatory muzzle and training or find new owners that will handle the dog properly, for example.

What does this attitude and breed specific legislation say about our society, our humanity? Don’t we give humans chance after chance to change and spend millions on keeping these perpetrators in jail and on trying to rehabilitate them?

Dogs are much more trainable and much easier to rehabilitate than humans, but because we can’t talk to them, ask them why they did this or that, or ask if they’re sorry or because they have big teeth, it’s just easier to get rid of them, right?

Why not focus on educating people about how to be good and responsible owners, providing easy access to training or, perhaps most importantly, teaching non-dog owners how to read and interact with dogs properly?

I have a friend who has been working on this amazing project called Pawsitive Leadership that “teach[es] children safety, responsibility, respect and empathy towards canines.” All parents want their kids to grow up to be responsible, compassionate adults – shouldn’t that extend to all living beings, not just humans?

Wicca was euthanized in July, 2012 in Montreal


Posted by: Johanna on Fri. 2012-07-27 11:07am

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    This article could not be more true! People are to blame, not the dogs... It is a shame that the punishment for dogs is to be put down, and yet like it said in the article humans can break the laws over and over again and never such drastic measures get taken with them. Humans are to blame for the way dogs and I mean ALL dogs act, they act the way they are trained to act and yet it is the dogs that have to suffer for poor choices and training that the humans that own have made. I wonder how the mayor of this town would feel if it was his family pet? How would he like to have an animal that he loved so dearly ripped away from him only to be put down because of someone elses POOR choice, because they didn't like the breed of the animal. THIS MAKES ME SICK!!!!

    there quick enough to kill dogs for dog bites etc... but let murderes out of jail after a few years excuse me... this makes no sense what so ever.... where is the justice in that...talk to those families and see the fight they have put up and don't win but poor defenceless dogs... first thing... kill them.... makes me sick... in our justice system for any form of life.

    Thank you for such a positive and constructive article. So tired of all the fear mongering. Great logic and advice.

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