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The Working Mom's Handbook
Sarah Jessica Parker has the career mom life down-pat in the new hit movie, I Don't Know How She Does It. Find out how you can achieve the same balance in your life.

7 Foods for Fighting Pain
Tired of taking too many pills? Find out which unlikely foods can actually help reduce some common problems.

The World's 10 Most Exclusive Private Islands
Explore the luxurious world of the rich and famous with these outrageously expensive island retreats.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Cats
Think you know cats? Get the scoop on some truly surprising feline facts.

5 More Things To Do with Bleach
Take this common household cleaner and put it to work with these practical ideas.

RD Living

 RDHealth, p.128
10 Recommended Adult Vaccines
Yes - adults need vaccines, too. Find out which ones can save your life.

  RDPets, p.130
6 Common Dog Questions Answered 
Perplexed by your pooch? Take a look at the answers to these common dog questions.

RDWork, p.134
Stretches to Do at Work
Gain flexablity while sitting at your desk with these in-office stretching techniques.

RDYou, p.136
3 Ways to Avoid Travel Scams
Keep these additional tips in mind to prevent scams the next time you travel.

RDMoney, p.138
4 Steps to Finding the Right Financial Advisor For You
Check out these tips to find the right financial advisor for you.


More on readersdigest.ca:

Cutting-Edge Medicine

Are your meds putting your health at risk? Find out how to keep yourself out of harm's way.   

Dollars and Sense
Gain a thrifty outlook on life with eight no-fail money saving tips.

My Story: Insult to Injury
Take steps to avoid the most common sports injuries, with this how-to guide.

 The RD Interview - Olivia Chow: Life After Jack
See annotated outtakes from Reader's Digest's exclusive photo shoot with Olivia Chow.

Check out our anti-cancer diet plan.

Nonprofit Predators
Fight fraud and keep your cash safe by following six debit-card safety tips.

Prepare for all things weird, wacky and wonderful at Canada's six strangest museums.


Inside the January 2011 Edition

Pick up your copy of the magazine available from newsstands and enjoy these magazine-exclusive features:
  • The RD Interview: Life After Jack: Olivia Chow on love, politics and the art of whistling.
  • Medical Breakthroughs 2012: Canada's most clever, unexpected and significant advances of the year.
  • Nonprofit Predators: Fraud: The dirty secret threatening nonprofits across the country.
  • Quick Study: Champagne: There was a time when bubbly was considered low quality. Let's raise a glass to progress.
  • Dataville: A dot-com entrepreneur turns a Cold War bunker into a high-tech haven.
  • Visual Aids: Behind the canvas with the winners of the RBC Canadian Painting Competition.
  • Editor's Choice: Blood Brothers: In 1984 an Iranian soldier saves his enemy's life on the battlefield. Twenty years later in Vancouver, the favour is repaid.

Recent Features

  • How Summer Camp Shapes Lives>>

    Ghost tales, happy trails, visiting day, sneaking away, learning to grin, playing to win, arts and crafts, endless laughs and songs to make the memories last. The very best summer-camp stories as told by you. >>

  • Courting Celebrities on Twitter>>

    Historical figures tweet their online dating profiles.>>

  • A Conversation With the Dalai Lama>>

    On his 80th birthday, the Dalai Lama reflects on forgiveness, compassion and why ethics are more important than religion>>

  • Notes From My Father>>

    I never knew how to communicate with my dad. And then, one day, I wrote him an email.>>

  • RD Interview: Buffy Sainte-Marie>>

    Singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie on activism, longevity and her new album, Power in the Blood.>>

  • Becoming My Mother>>

    Sometimes overcoming what we dislike about our parents is a matter of just getting used to ourselves.>>

  • We're Looking for the Greatest Canadian Neighbours!>>

    Do you have a funny, quirky or heartfelt story to share with us about how the person one, three or 12 doors down made a difference in your life? We would love to hear who you think is Canada’s Greatest Neighbour.>>

  • Birders Unite!>>

    An old-school hobby takes flight.>>

  • Gone Strolling>>

    Unhappy at work and recently injured, writer Dan Rubinstein changes his pace to change his life.>>

  • The Best April Fools' Pranks From Around the Globe>>

    From simple pranks such as pasting a “Kick Me” sign on someone’s back to more elaborate hoaxes, April 1 is a day where it’s acceptable to play a practical joke on your family, neighbours, colleagues, friends and enemies. What are you waiting for?>>

  • Drama: Airplane on Fire!>>

    The plane crashed down, windows shattered, and flames blasted through the cabin. Survival seemed unlikely.>>

  • Why You Trust David Suzuki>>

    The steadfast activist on hope for the future and why it comes down to older generations to shake things up.>>

  • Reframing Losses>>

    How to avoid letting narrow defeat mess with your head.>>

  • How the Franklin Ships Were Found>>

    In 1845, Sir John Franklin commanded the HMS Erebus and Terror in search of an elusive Northwest Passage. The two ships disappeared into the ice, sparking a 166-year-long search. How one of the greatest mysteries of our time was finally cracked.>>

  • The Con Man>>

    How an ordinary guy convinced lovers and billionaires to part with their money and buy into his lies.>>

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