Tips: What to Do With Mayonnaise (2/7)

Don't hold the mayo! It can be a great ingredient to have around: you can spread it on skin for an instant facial, slather it on your car to get it clean and more. Want to know what to do with mayo? Keep reading! 

What to Do With Mayonnaise? Give Yourself a Facial

What to Do With Mayonnaise? Give Yourself a Facial

You’re probably wondering what to do with mayonnaise (besides eat it), here’s a hot tip! Why waste money on expensive creams when you can treat yourself to a soothing facial with whole-egg mayonnaise from your own refrigerator? Gently spread the mayonnaise over your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Then wipe it off and rinse with cool water. Your face will feel clean and smooth.

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