13 Things You Didn’t Know About Moustaches (1/13)

Whether you have one, want one, or wish they'd all disappear, the Mo is making a comeback. Just in time for Movember, the author of One Thousand Moustaches lets us in on some hairy little secrets. 

1. You Can Call Them Almost Anything

1. You Can Call Them Almost Anything

There are numerous slang terms for the moustache. Most reflect its tendency to retain food and drink or its association with sex:

-Bristle batons
-Cookie duster
-Crumb catcher
-Grass grin
-Lip shadow
-Mr. Tickles
-Tea strainer
-Upper lipholstery

© 2012 by Allan Peterkin. “One Thousand Mustaches: A Cultural History of the Mo,” published by Arsenal Pulp Press.

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