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  • 5 Things To Do with Shampoo>>

    The usefulness of shampoo extends far beyond the shower! Here are five fun new ways to put shampoo to work all around the house.>>

  • 5 Things to Do With Vinegar>>

    Think vinegar is just for salad dressing? Think again! Here are five brilliant new ways to use vinegar all around the house.>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Drinking Straws>>

    Don't toss the straw after you've slurped up your smoothie! From organizing jewelry to improving flower arrangements, there are plenty of ways...>>

  • 5 Things to Do With Magazines>>

    Even after you've read magazines front to back, there are plenty of practical ways to use them all around the house. Here's how to upcycle...>>

  • 5 Everyday Things To Do with Lemons>>

    Stick it to water stains, unpleasant odours and other nasty household chores—armed with nothing more than a lemon! Here are five new ways to...>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Cotton Balls>>

    Just because they’re light and fluffy doesn’t mean cotton balls aren't up to tough jobs all around the house! Here are five brilliant new...>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Masking Tape>>

    Commonly used to mask off areas when painting, masking tape is uncommonly versatile and comes in handy all over the house. Time to root through...>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Pencil Erasers>>

    They came in handy back in high school, but when's the last time you used a pencil eraser? Think outside math class, and consider these clever...>>

  • 6 Things To Do with Potatoes>>

    If you're only French frying and baking your potatoes, you're only tapping a fraction of their potential. From polishing silverware to fixing...>>

  • 5 Things To Do With Funnels>>

    Although they're often relegated to the back of the junk drawer, kitchen funnels have tons of uses. Here are five creative new ways to put...>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Dental Floss>>

    Chances are, you’re not flossing as much as you should be—but it’s even more likely you’re not using dental floss to its full potential....>>

  • 5 Things To Do With Flowerpots>>

    If you're only using terracotta flowerpots for spring and summer plantings, you're tapping just a fraction of their potential. Here are five...>>

  • 5 Things To Do With Gum>>

    It turns out blowing bubbles is only one of the things you can do with gum! Here are five ways to put gum to good use all around the house—and...>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Chalk>>

    Want to get your silverware sparkling and your whites bright? Chalk it up! Here's how to put common sidewalk chalk to good use throughout the home. >>

  • 5 Things To Do with a Blow-Dryer>>

    If you're only using your blow-dryer to dry hair, you're only tapping a fraction of its potential. Here's how to put this hard-working grooming...>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Styrofoam>>

    Don’t throw out those Styrofoam packing chips the next time you get a parcel! Here are five inspired ways to put Styrofoam to good use around...>>

  • 5 Things You Didn't Know About Olive Oil>>

    This pantry staple has more uses than you might think. Just take a look at these amazing facts about olive oil.>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Toothpaste>>

    It turns out the usefulness of toothpaste extends far beyond the bathroom! Here are five clever new ways to put toothpaste to work around the...>>

  • 13 Things Your Matchmaker Won't Tell You>>

    If you're looking for love online or being set up by a friend, here are 13 things your matchmaker might not tell you.>>

  • 5 Things to Do With Bleach>>

    More than just a whitening agent for dirty laundry, chlorine bleach can come in handy around the house (and even outdoors). Here are five cool...>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Bananas>>

    Next time you contemplate tossing an overripe banana in the compost, think again. It turns out even the banana peel can be a useful tool around...>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Wrapping Paper>>

    Don’t toss those leftover scraps of wrapping paper in the recycling bin just yet! We’ve come up with five pretty new ways to put them to...>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Candy Canes>>

    Got more candy canes than you could possibly eat? Here are five tasteful ways to use candy canes around the house.>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Marshmallows>>

    More than just a garnish for a steaming mug of hot chocolate, marshmallows can also offer yummy solutions to some of life's stickiest messes....>>

  • 5 Things To Do with Eggs>>

    That carton of eggs in your fridge can be so much more than just breakfast. Get cracking with these extraordinary ideas on how to use eggs all...>>

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