Photos: The Unbearable Cuteness of Wet Puppies

These dog pictures rely on a never-fail formula for joy: 1) Find an adorable pup. 2) Get it wet. 3) Watch it shake dry.

Photographer Carli DavidsonPhoto: Carli Davidson

Photographer Carli Davidson

Here is Davidson, busy at a typical hard day’s work. She found her models through owners, pet rescue organizations, and responsible breeders. All together, she photographed roughly 100 mini-hounds and published the pix of around 70.

Shake Puppies is the follow-up to Carli Davidson’s popular 2013 book Shake, which focused more on grown-up dogs. She is in the thick of planning the third book of her Shake trilogy, although she’s not disclosing what the take will be this time. Shake Kittens? Shake Bunnies? Shake Puppies, Kittens, and Bunnies? We can’t wait.

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