7 Tips to Make Your Cat More Friendly

Nobody like a sourpuss, and a crabby kitty isn't much fun either. Here are seven ways to make even the grumpiest kitty friendlier.

By Gayle Hickman From Webvet.com
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Getting a cat to be more affectionate is the yearning of many a pet owner. Some cats are antisocial when it comes to being picked up, cuddled or petted (much less sitting in a person’s lap for these shows of affection). Other kitties are born loving this sort of attention.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a cat who automatically seeks out your affection, trying to entice that reclusive furball to become your snuggle buddy may take some motivation and determination on your part. Your pet may never convert to a drooly lap cat, even after weeks of effort on your part, but at the very least you’ll probably strengthen your relationship with your cat.

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