50 Things Your Vet Won’t Tell You (9/10)

Ever wondered what your vet's really thinking? Actual veterinarians reveal their juiciest stories and gossip.

41. “Just because a food is premium priced doesn’t mean it’s good stuff. That’s especially true with many foods that come in those little gourmet pouches or cans. Do some research, and have your vet read the ingredients list with you.”—A vet in California.

42. “Some veterinary drugs have a generic version that’s made for humans, and if your vet believes it’s a safe and effective alternative, you can get it from a human pharmacy and pay ten times less than you’d pay for the animal version. But recognize that there are legitimate reasons why the generic might not be appropriate for your pet.”—Patty Khuly, VMD.

43. “Don’t ever share your medicines with your pets unless your vet says it’s OK. One Tylenol will likely kill a cat.” —Amber Andersen, DVM.

44. “Yes, dog whisperer Cesar Millan has turned some aggressive dogs around, but—please—don’t train your dog that way. Using aggressive tactics can cause serious behaviour problems and may not be effective.”—A vet in California.

45. “A lot of pet medications are available at human pharmacies for lower prices than we charge.”—MeiMei Welker, DVM.

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