3 Money Dangers for Divorced Couples (69/4)


Splitting up is bad enough, but mismanaging your money will make a bad situation worse. Here are three tips to help you make the right financial decisions during divorce

Ask the Expert: Dog’s Oral Fixation Dangerous?


Your Pet Question:Our 13-year-old dog constantly chews the bottom of her paw or sucks on blankets and articles of clothing. How can we stop this behaviour? Is it dangerous to her health?John White The Expert Says:If this behaviour is new, then I would strongly recommend a thorough examination by your veterinarian. A sudden appearance of sucking […]

20 Things Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat


Most dogs are natural-born eating machines. Puppies, in particular, are inclined to sample the world with their mouths, much like a two-year-old human toddler. What are the most common things that Sparky shouldn’t eat… but might really, really want to?

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Ask the Expert: Socializing a Shy Dog

Your Pet Question:How can I help my dog become less shy?W.P. Kowall, Manitoba  The Expert Says:Give the dog as many new social experiences as possible. For example, ride on a bus or walk your dog through busy spots to meet new people and animals. Make sure that the experiences are pleasant and unthreatening. If you meet […]

10 Pop Culture Pups


People love pets, and with a multi-million dollar industry to prove that fact, Hollywood has led the pack in audience satisfaction. Many of the most popular, and memorable movies and TV shows featured canine scene-stealers. Here’s a look at 10 of our favourite four-legged stars in show business

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Ask the Expert: Bladder Stones Common with Certain Breeds

Your Pet Question:My Shih-Tzu has bladder stones. Is that common with this breed? And what is best way to get rid of them?S. Miller, Alberta  The Expert Says:Bladder stones ARE more common in certain breeds of dogs and Shih-Tzu is one of them. A full diagnostic work-up is the best solution; this might lead to surgical […]