5 Things To Do with Ammonia


Ammonia often plays second fiddle to bleach, but it’s one of the most powerful cleaning products in your arsenal. Here are five new ways to put ammonia to work around the house.

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5 Things To Do with WD-40


Originally designed as a rust-prevention solvent, WD-40 has become a useful household staple with hundreds of potential applications. Here are five of our favourite ways to put WD-40 to work.

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How to Save Your Laptop After a Spill


Spilling coffee, juice or water on a laptop might seem like the end of the world, but there’s a good chance of salvaging your investment if you act quickly. Here’s a five-step plan to rescue a laptop after a liquid spill.

What To Do When a Pet Goes Missing


A missing pet often turns up—a little bedraggled and hungry, but no worse for wear. The longer a pet is missing, however, the greater its risk of becoming seriously ill or suffering a road accident. Here’s what to do to find your lost pet promptly.