5 Things To Do with Pencil Erasers (4/6)


They came in handy back in high school, but when’s the last time you used a pencil eraser? Think outside math class, and consider these clever household applications for the humble eraser. (You’ll never look at the end of a pencil the same way again!)

6 Things To Do with Potatoes


If you’re only French frying and baking your potatoes, you’re only tapping a fraction of their potential. From polishing silverware to fixing shoes, there are plenty of ways to put these starchy staples to work all around the house. Here are six of our favourite new uses for potatoes.

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4 Things You Need to Know About House Fires


When house fires break out, every second counts. Blazes progress quickly, and temperatures can soar to 900 degrees Celsius in about three minutes. To protect yourself and your loved ones, have a house fire plan in place before disaster strikes.

5 Things To Do with a Blow-Dryer


If you’re only using your blow-dryer to dry hair, you’re only tapping a fraction of its potential. Here’s how to put this hard-working grooming tool to good use-all around the house!

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