How to Grow Successful Seedlings


If you’re going to grow vegetables indoors in fall, winter and early spring, you’ll be starting your own plants from seeds. For successful sowing, remember these pointers, which are also valuable if you’re starting transplants for your outdoor gardens.

4 Ways to Haggle Like a Pro


Whether you’re in the souks of Marrakesh, a yard sale in Moncton, or the farmers’ markets of Montreal, there’s an art to negotiating a bargain. Get what you want—for less—with these expert tips on how to haggle like a pro.

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5 Things To Do with Masking Tape


Commonly used to mask off areas when painting, masking tape is uncommonly versatile and comes in handy all over the house. Time to root through your junk drawer for that old roll that’s lurking near the back—we’ve got five clever new ways to put masking tape to work.

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