7 Money-Saving Tricks That Never Work (1/7)

Cut the cost of things like shopping for groceries, buying in bulk and visiting the dentist by learning the money-saving tips that never work.

Getting Suckered Into Buy-One-Get-One DealsPhoto: Thinkstock

Getting Suckered Into Buy-One-Get-One Deals

BOGO, when it’s genuine, is hard to resist. But even then, whether it’s BOGO free or BOGO half price, you have to stop and ask yourself, would I really have bought this much of this item at this price anyway? If you’re shopping for jam and see BOGO free on jam, that’s probably a great time to stock up. But if you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers and see BOGO half off, stop and think. You went out looking to spend $60 on sneakers. Now you’re spending about $100 after taxes. Did you even want two pairs? Will you wear them both? Do you even like the second pair?

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