3 Money Dangers for Divorced Couples (1/4)

Splitting up is bad enough, but mismanaging your money will make a bad situation worse. Here are three tips to help you make the right financial decisions during divorce

Separate From Your Spouse, Not Your Finances

Separate From Your Spouse, Not Your Finances

Is your divorce or separation creating money problems? Many people find it hard to pay the bills – plus their legal fees – during this difficult time. For example:

 • You may have been living on two incomes, but now you’re on your own 

• Money may be invested in a house, a property, or a business, and it will take time to get your share 

• Your divorce may be complicated, and you’ll be short of cash until you and your ex-spouse reach an agreement.

No matter what happens, be sure that you don’t fall into one of these three common traps.


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