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Break out your lawn and yard tools, gardening season is here! Maintaining your property is as important as maintaining your house, so Reader's Digest has landscaping tips and ideas for your front and backyards. Learn all about landscape designs and maintenance from our gardening experts with our easy to understand landscaping tips for gardening enthusiasts.

Keep up with the latest landscape design trends and have your garden impressing the neighbours without ever looking outdated. Our beautiful landscaping galleries will inspire you to spruce up your property and beautify your lawn.

Learn more about other important concepts like stone and rock landscaping, landscape bricks and edging, pool landscaping, shrubs, trees and plants with our tips and ideas. Stay up-to-date with the best and latest in landscaping supplies, equipment and tools to make more informed buying decisions for your landscaping products.

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  • How to Build Fertile Soil>>

    Soils in coastal gardens are usually porous and low in nutrients and it may take a few years to achieve a fertile soil.>>

  • How to Manage Weeds in the Garden>>

    Take advantage of modern research in weed biology to manage unwanted weeds without back breaking labour or environmentally unfriendly herbicides.>>

  • Bee Balm in the Landscape>>

    If you have a damp spot in the yard, fill it with bee balm. Then, in early summer, feast your eyes on the amazing display of flowers produced by the showiest member of the mint family.>>

  • Tips for Designing a Wildlife Pond>>

    There are several key points for a successful wildlife pond.>>

  • Learn About Growing Sweet Peas>>

    The most popular variety of sweet pea, Lathyrus odoratus, lives up well to its name. Odoratus is Latin for 'well-scented', and these flowers have been prized by gardeners for their delicious fragrance for centuries.>>

  • 6 Tricks to Grow Your Best Garden Ever>>

    A well-tended kitchen garden appeals to all the senses. With thoughtful planning and carefully selected plants, you will be sure to reap plentiful rewards. Here's what you need to know.>>

  • Companion Planting Strategies>>

    The best defense against threats to your garden is a solid garden plan! Read these backyard landscaping ideas to learn how you can arm your garden from unwanted attacks!>>

  • Eco-Friendly and Effective Pest Control for Edible Crops>>

    The presence of pests in the vegetable patch is often due to simple cultivation errors. Making use of a few tricks of the trade during selection and planting will help you to keep your vegetables healthy and save you the trouble of subsequent pest control.>>

  • Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Multipurpose Plants>>

    Planting certain species close together can improve pollination and fertility of plants, and also reduce pest or disease problems. A widely used companion-planting scheme is cultivating flowers such as pot marigolds (Calendula) and gaillardia, which are known to be attractive to bees and other beneficial insects, next to plants that rely on insects for pollination.>>

  • The Gardener's Guide to Lilies>>

    Stately lily plants, with their exotic flower forms and their great variety in colour and size, add a dramatic accent to the summer garden.>>

  • How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in your Landscape>>

    Mosquitoes were bad enough when they just made you itch. Now that some of them carry the West Nile virus, their bite can even be deadly in rare cases. >>

  • How to Evaluate a Damaged Lawn>>

    A damaged lawn can be treated with some good old tender, love and care. Here, we'll look at how to evaluate a damaged lawn in order to determine what kind of repairs need to be made.>>

  • How to Attract Wildlife to Your Landscape>>

    A mere 100 years ago, the greater portion of our landscape was farmland. There were wood lots, hedgerows, and weedy areas between fields where birds and other wildlife could find the food and cover they needed to survive, says Karen Williams, owner of Flora for Fauna in Woodbine, New Jersey. She also serves as a consultant to the Cape May Stopover Project, whose long-term goal is increasing the habitat available for migrating birds.>>

  • First Aid for Your Lawn>>

    Even though the warmer days are coming to an end it’s not too late to condition an existing lawn or install a new one.>>

  • Weed Control in the Landscape: Taking Care of Weed Barriers>>

    Landscaping fabric and other artificial weed barriers are effective alternatives to herbicides, but can cause new problems and still fail to prevent weed growth in the long run.>>

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