25 Ways to Cut Household Waste (1/8)

Looking for new ways to reduce your carbon footprint? Try these clever suggestions for recycling and reusing everyday household objects, and keeping them out of the landfill.

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

1. Protect plants from frost
When frost threatens your small plants, grab a bunch of plastic bags to protect them. Just cut a hole in the bottom of each bag. Slip one over each plant and anchor it inside using small rocks. Then pull the bags over the plants, roll them closed and secure them with clothes pegs or paperclips. You can open the bags up again if the weather turns warm.

2. Start poinsettia buds for Christmas
Christmas poinsettia usually look their best by the time the holidays arrive. You can speed up Mother Nature by placing the poinsettia in a large, dark garbage bag for several weeks to wake up the plant’s buds.

3. Protect your shoes from mud
If, after a hard rainfall you need to get out in the garden to do your regular weeding, but you’re worried about getting mud all over your shoes, cover them in plastic bags. The mud gets on the bag, not on the shoes, and your feet remain dry so you can stay out in the garden.





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