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  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 9 Ways to Cut Down on Excess Waste>>

    Canadians are among the most prolific garbage producers on Earth. Between flyers, bulky packaging, junk mail, food and clothing, waste is a huge part of our lives. Cutting down is easy.>>

  • 9 Videos That Will Inspire You to Save the Planet>>

    From giving up on meat to living in a more sustainable home, it’s easier than you may think to make smarter choices that ultimately help protect our planet. Here are 10 informative and entertaining videos that will help you leave behind a smaller carbon footprint.>>

  • 15 Ways to Control Allergy Triggers at Home>>

    Research shows that indoor air pollution, often caused by dust mites and mould, can be up to 10 times greater than outdoor pollution. Use these easy tricks to avoid unnecessary allergy triggers in your home.>>

  • 18 Steps to a Zero-Waste Kitchen>>

    Reduce, reuse, recycle: These expert tips will help you find new ways to cut waste in the kitchen.>>

  • 10 Ways to Save Gas and Go Green>>

    Cut fuel consumption and air pollution by making these energy-saving changes to the way you drive.>>

  • 5 Tips to Green Your Home For Earth Day>>

    During the course of your day, there are little things you can do to help the environment, and surprisingly, also save you money.>>

  • Earth Day Quiz: Could You Save the Planet?>>

    Do you know how you can reduce, recycle and reuse and save money, too?>>

  • 10 Ways to Green the Easter Bunny>>

    Do your bit for Mother Nature (and all the bunnies!) by making this Easter an eco-friendly one. These 10 tips couldn't be easier, and will get the whole family thinking green.>>

  • 8 Deliciously Eco-Friendly Dishes>>

    Going veggie, even for just one day, can go a long way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To make it easy, here are eight delectable recipes that delete the meat. Try one or two—or all eight. Our beautiful blue planet will thank you.>>

  • 7 Secrets for a Greener Lawn>>

    The grass doesn’t have to be greener on your neighbours’s lawn. The best part? You don’t need costly lawn services or high-tech sprinkler systems. Here are seven tips to help you get there.>>

  • Quiz: Is Your Diet Killing the Planet?>>

    When we think about ways to help the planet, most of us focus on reducing waste and cutting energy usage. But have you considered changing how you eat?>>

  • 9 Ways to Reduce Waste (and Save Money)>>

    Do you really need to throw that out? Here's how to cut the amount of garbage your family produces, and help you save money while you're at it.>>

  • 10 Quick Home Inspections to Do This Spring>>

    How well did your house survive winter? What kind of springtime repairs will need to be on your to-do list? Don’t let those questions nag at you. To prevent any nasty surprises, take an hour to do a home inspection. Here's how you can do it yourself.>>

  • 14 Ways to Green Your Home>>

    Turn your household into an eco-oasis—and save money—with simple modifications.>>

  • 10 Eco-Smart Laundry Tips>>

    The washer and dryer you use may be cleaning out more than just your clothes. Shrink your energy bill and help the environment by making a more eco-friendly laundry cycle a part of your greener home.>>

  • 10 Ways to Get Fresh Food Into Your Diet>>

    Fresh, flavoursome food is one of life's great joys. Make informed food shopping choices and reap the healthy dietary rewards.>>

  • 8 Eco-Friendly Shopping Strategies>>

    Shopping green and spending on sustainable products can make an important contribution to protecting the planet and conserving its resources.>>

  • 12 Water-Saving Secrets>>

    Reduce water waste around your home by putting these easy-to follow tips into practice.>>

  • How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient>>

    Transform your home’s energy profile and save on electricity and heating with these 10 handy tips for making your house more energy efficient.>>

  • Quiz: Are you energized for green?>>

    Take our quiz and see how plugged-in you are when it comes to saving energy and knowing about alternative energy.>>

  • 10 House Cleaning Home Remedies>>

    Ditch expensive cleaners and head for the vinegar, lemon and bleach, because we’ve found 10 home remedies guaranteed to make the toughest cleanups a breeze.>>

  • 4 Ways To Green Your Pet>>

    Taking good care of your pets doesn’t need to take a toll on the environment. With these affordable, simple solutions, you can high-five Mother Nature while still making sure your pet’s needs are met.>>

  • 5 Steps to Raising Eco-Conscious Kids>>

    Environmental concerns are now, more than ever, at the top of our society’s list of priorities. Previous generations played a role in the current state of the globe, and it’s up to future generations to fix it. >>

  • How to Start a Vermicompost>>

    A vermicompost is a compost bin that uses worms to break down organic waste. If that sounds gross, don’t worry: Vermicomposts are odour-free and help keep your kitchen scraps out of landfills. Here’s how to start one up in your home.>>

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