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Want to fill your home with scent without pumping chemical air fresheners into the air? These all-natural solutions will cover up icky odours and provide a breath of fresh air.

From: How to Pay Less for Just About Anything, Reader's Digest, Canada

Make Your Own Air Freshener

Fill a spray bottle with water and add ten drops of an essential oil—try rosemary, eucalyptus, pine, lavender or citrus.

Simple Smell Solutions

Remove unwanted odours from inside the microwave by heating up a slice of lemon in a bowl of water or a baking soda solution.

Clear Smells with Lemon

Remove fishy or garlic smells from a wooden chopping board by rubbing the board with a wedge of lemon. Put citrus peel down the garbage disposer to clear smells.

Scent of Cloves

Simmer cloves in water for a delicious smell that is welcoming in winter.

Fragrant Baths

Drop about eight drops of a relaxing essential oil such as neroli or sandalwood into your bath.

Absorb Odours

Place a bowl of vinegar next to the stove to absorb strong odours.

Freshen Up as You Vacuum

When you do the vacuuming, put a couple of drops of essential oil into the dust bag and the scent will be dispersed around the house.

Add the Scent of Baking Bread

Warm brown sugar and cinnamon on the stove to fill your home with the delicious smell of fresh baking. Take care that the mixture doesn’t burn.

Free the Fridge of Smells

Put a bowl filled with clean cat litter in a fridge that is going to be switched off for any length of time to absorb smells.

Lavender Sachets

If you grow your own lavender, snip the heads off the stalks, let them dry, then make your own sachets using scraps of muslin or thin cotton.

Sweet Pomanders

Keep closets smelling sweet with homemade pomanders. Stud oranges, lemons or limes with whole cloves, then hang from a piece of string.


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