Make your home sparkle with tips, tricks and ideas for everyday upkeep and spring cleaning.

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  • The Clutter Reduction Plan>>

    Need to get your home organized? Try these ideas for cutting the time you spend on life's unavoidable chores—leaving you more space for the things that really matter.>>

  • Fire Safety for Seniors>>

    Beyond the age of 65, older people are increasingly at risk from accidental fires that can quickly turn fatal. Learn how to keep your elderly relatives safe in the event of a fire.>>

  • Laundry Secrets>>

    Almost everyone has had at least one laundry disaster. Here are some secrets to help you avoid having anymore!>>

  • Organize Your Closet>>

    Nothing starts a day off on the wrong note faster than when you cannot find the belt that goes with a particular outfit, the other shoe or the right shirt. The average person spends 55 minutes a day looking for misplaced items. Regardless of the size of your closet, having this room organized sets us off ready to face the world.>>

  • Your Guide to Spring Cleaning>>

    Spring is here and it's time to round up all those dust bunnies. Use our guide to find everything you need to know about spring cleaning. Get your home healthy, clean and organized so you're ready for summer fun.>>

  • 8 Steps to Decluttering Your Garage>>

    The garage often becomes a catch-all space for all the extra stuff we have, so putting the necessary thought into organizing it is an excellent investment of time.>>

  • De-Icing Your Driveway the Right Way>>

    Sure, we like snow. And with winter approaching, there will be plenty of it. But with snow comes ice, and with ice comes slipping—which means it’s time to think about keeping your walkway safe. But in doing so, keep your garden’s integrity in mind.  >>

  • Healthier House Cleaning>>

    Think your home is clean? Think again. Try these eco-friendly solutions to blast away bacteria and viruses hiding in your home.>>

  • Protect Your Pots and Pans>>

    It’s nice to have just one set of pots and pans and add to it over the years, rather than having to replace those that haven’t held up. Here are a few simple methods of making your pots and pans last.>>

  • 6 Simple Steps to Prep Your Patio Furniture>>

    With summer quickly approaching, patio season is upon us once again. Be the talk of your block this year by using these easy tips and tricks to keep your outdoor furniture looking fantastic. >>

  • Thinking Inside the Box>>

    While your home isn’t likely to expand over the years the amount of stuff you accumulate is bound to grow exponentially. If your home seems to be overrun by things check out our small-space storage solutions, and make some space for yourself in your house. >>

  • Spruce Up Your BBQ>>

    Get ready for a weekend of outdoor dining and entertaining with these tips. All it takes for your BBQ experience to be pleasant and problem-free is a little elbow grease.>>

  • Healthy Home Checkup>>

    We may not be able to have a huge impact on the outdoor air we inhale, but we can control the quality of the air under our own roofs. Breathe easier by checking the following hot spots and implementing the suggested changes for making yours a healthier home. >>

  • Spring Cleaning For Your Pantry>>

    Now that you’ve reorganized the linen closet and cleaned out the refrigerator, it’s time to look in the pantry. If you’re afraid to even open the door, it’s definitely time for some spring cleaning in there. Take inventory to see what canned goods are hiding at the back of your shelves, and find a way to use them up before the labels fade. Here are some simple ideas for how to use canned goods up quickly.>>

  • Spring Cleaning Made Simple>>

    Dreading the expenses and time commitment of the spring cleaning ritual? This season save your time, money, and energy with these cleaning tricks.>>

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