6 Good Kitchen Habits to Develop

Get savvy in the kitchen by adopting these easy organizational habits. By incorporating these actions into your daily routine, you’ll save time as well as have a kitchen that looks spotless.

6 Good Kitchen Habits to Develop

1. Tidy and Clean as You Work

You’ll maintain order in the kitchen and be organised in advance. Observe a few basic rules of hygiene: wash the sink, the work surface and utensils as soon as you have used them.

2. Use the Dishwasher

Instead of piling the dishes up in the sink, put them into the dishwasher immediately after you have used them. And don’t forget to turn it on as soon as it’s full.

3. Wash as You Go

If you don’t have a dishwasher, run a sink of hot, sudsy water before you start cooking and wash up as you go. When you have finished cooking, the washing up will be pretty well done too.

4. Peel Vegetables Over a Paper Towel

Once you’re finished peeling, you can quickly throw the entire heap in the compost bin.

5. Keep the Counter Clutter-Free

Keep pets, purses, money and unpaid bills off the counter top, along with anything else that shouldn’t be there. Not only does it add clutter to your preparation area and make cleaning up a time-consuming job, these things also leave germs behind.

6. Put Groceries Away Immediately

Put away all grocery items as soon as you come home from shopping and throw out or recycle containers as soon as they are empty.


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