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  • 5 Safe and Healthy Alternatives to Energy Drinks>>

    Your favourite energy drink may be doing more harm than good. Research has shown that consuming energy drinks may have negative effects on blood pressure, heart rate, and brain function. Skip the drink, and instead turn to these five alternatives.>>

  • 5 Ways to Protect Your Arteries From a Fatty Meal>>

    High-fat meals can constrict arteries for hours, reducing blood flow. If you can't give up grill time, this advice from holistic heart doctor Joel K. Kahn, MD, will help make a splurge meal less toxic to your arteries.>>

  • 5 Ways to Screen Yourself From the Sun>>

    Sunscreen is your ticket to young looking skin. Be sure to use it – and use it properly.>>

  • 5 Creative Ways to Contain Clutter>>

    Bring order to scattered household items with these inspired ideas.>>

  • Driven to Distraction>>

    Driving with kids can be challenging. Here are easy ways to reduce distractions while chauffeuring around our most precious cargo.>>

  • Why You Need to Teach Your Children About Car Safety>>

    With the ever-increasing distractions on the roads today, teaching kids the importance of not disturbing the driver has never been more important.>>

  • 20+ Garage Sale Finds to Snap Up When You See Them>>

    It’s hard to know exactly what is worth buying secondhand, but these are good bets. (See also: 10 things you should never buy at garage sales.)>>

  • 8 Ways to Reduce Distracted Driving>>

    Distractions while driving are everywhere and can include anything from mobile phones to billboards and backseat passengers.  Make the road safer for yourself and your fellow drivers with these tips.Sponsored by the Alberta Motor Association >>

  • 10 Ways to Teach Kids About Safe Driving>>

    In Alberta, kids as young as 14 may qualify for a learner’s driving licence.  In order for your child to be a safe driver, the best time to start instilling safe driving practices is while they are still learning.  Here’s how to make it a fun experience for both of you.Sponsored by the Alberta Motor Association >>

  • 8 Deadly Dangers on the Road>>

    According to Transport Canada, 30,000 people in Canada have been killed in car crashes in the last decade. That’s enough people to fill Regina’s Mosaic Stadium. Steering clear of these dangerous driving mistakes can help you avoid being a grim statistic.Sponsored by the Alberta Motor Association  >>

  • 5 Reasons to Store Vinegar in Your Medicine Cabinet>>

    Vinegar has long been a household staple for cooking and cleaning. But it's also used to cure tons of common ailments. Here are five great reasons to start adding a jar (or jug) to your medicine cabinet too.>>

  • 7 Important Driving Habits>>

    Regardless of if you're a veteran driver or completely new to the roads, here are seven driving habits worth repeating like a mantra.Sponsored by the Alberta Motor Association >>

  • 8 Ticketable Distracted Driving Offences in Alberta>>

    If you drive anything with wheels, there's one thing you should be focusing on: the road. That's the message behind Alberta's Distracted Driving Legislation, which was enacted in 2011. Here are eight of the activities strictly forbidden when you're behind the wheel in Alberta.Sponsored by the Alberta Motor Association>>

  • 10 Shocking Facts About Texting and Driving>>

    Think you can juggle your smartphone and the wheel of an automobile? Think again. Texting and driving may seem like a harmless habit but it's actually more dangerous than driving under the influence. Here are 10 facts you may want to keep in mind the next time you get behind the wheel.Sponsored by the Alberta Motor Association >>

  • 13 Ways Canada Tickets Distracted Drivers>>

    Distracted driving is the cause of up to 30 per cent of car crashes on the road. As a result, the majority of Canada has implemented laws banning this terrible habit. Here's how they differ across Canada.Sponsored by the Alberta Motor Association  >>

  • The 8 Most Common Distractions on the Road>>

    There are many distractions on the road that can cause you to look away, even for just a second, but that could be enough to cause some serious damage. Below are a few of the most common distractions for drivers.Sponsored by the Alberta Motor Association >>

  • 10 Rules for Safe Road Trips>>

    School's almost out, the sun is shining, the hotel is booked… it's vacation time! Many families are hitting the road for a well-earned break, a travel alternative that tends to be more affordable than flying. But before you get behind the wheel, check out our ultimate road trip safety checklist.Sponsored by the Alberta Motor Association >>

  • 5 Healthier Coffee Shop Choices>>

    What would the world be like without Starbucks and other coffee shops? Somewhat thinner, perhaps. These havens for coffee lovers, specializing in sweet drinks to wash down irresistible pastries and cakes, have become a staple in Canada and elsewhere. Find out how to make coffee shop visits healthier.>>

  • 5 Things to Treat a Bee Sting>>

    Bees do wonderful things, such as pollenate our favourite flowers and provide us with their delicious honey. But there is a cost. When your outdoor fun gets in their way and you get stung, here are five surefire ways to reduce the pain.>>

  • 5 Things to Stop a Headache>>

    The moment you feel that telltale pounding in your head, don’t give in to the pain. One of these seven tips can head off your headache before it ruins your day.>>

  • 13 Things You Should Know About Online Privacy>>

    Surfing the web can be a fun and productive experience, but you could be putting your personal information at risk. Here are 13 things you can do to keep your private data safe.>>

  • 4 Ways to Haggle Like a Pro>>

    Whether in the souks of Marrakesh or at the farmers’ markets of Montreal, use these tips to snag a bargain>>

  • 4 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Garden>>

    Teach your children to grow their own food and flowers.>>

  • 9 Videos That Will Inspire You to Save the Planet>>

    From giving up on meat to living in a more sustainable home, it’s easier than you may think to make smarter choices that ultimately help protect our planet. Here are 10 informative and entertaining videos that will help you leave behind a smaller carbon footprint.>>

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