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  • Bodacious Bubble Solution>>

    This recipe makes enough for at least two gifts-plus some to keep for yourself.>>

  • Covered Clay Pots>>

    These charming pots are so pretty, you'd expect to see them at a fancy gardening store!>>

  • Dip-Dyed Tablecloth>>

    If you choose only one gift-making project during the holidays, make it this one! The process is a rewarding one and offers kids the chance to play with colour. Best of all, when the pieces are taped together, it makes a truly spectacular gift.>>

  • Pomanders>>

    Pomanders have a glorious fragrance, make wonderful gifts, and are easy enough for even young children to make. Note, however, that curing your pomander will take at least 2 weeks.>>

  • Bath Powder>>

    This is a truly special-and yet simple-gift. Cornstarch makes a natural powder, and the essential oils give it a fabulous scent. It's really fun to mix up a batch by hand.>>

  • Beeswax Candles>>

    These candles are flawlessly simple, allowing plenty of room for self-expression. The ingredients are found at candle-making-supply or hobby shops and are worth the trouble of finding!>>

  • Transparent Herb Soaps>>

    You can make several batches of these glycerine jewels in just one afternoon. If you don't want to bother buying traditional soap molds, you can use muffin tins, candy molds, even ice cube trays. And if you don't want to bother buying commercial glycerine (available at craft stores), you can use colored glycerine soap bars sold at pharmacies.>>

  • Scented Bath Oil>>

    Pamper loved ones with a gift of this sweet-smelling moisturizing mixture. The ingredients are available from your local health-food and craft stores.>>

  • Reverse-Stencil Ornament>>

    With this stenciling method, it takes just minutes to create a gorgeous keepsake. Make extra balls to give as gifts.>>

  • Citrus Centerpiece>>

    Lovely limes and lemons are a smashing contrast to shiny Christmas balls in this easy centerpiece. Be sure to choose the best looking fruit at the supermarket.>>

  • Helping-Hand Spoon Rest>>

    Everyone needs a spoon rest beside the stove, and this one is as much fun to make as it to use. Sculpey clay is used here because it is more pliable and easier to roll out than other clays on the market.>>

  • Rosemary Pomanders>>

    These fragrant, topiary-like decorations last for years, and they aren't difficult to make. The ends of the rosemary sprigs stick right into the florist's foam -- no glue necessary. Just work carefully, especially when trimming the sprigs to the same length.>>

  • Gilded Candles>>

    This is a super-quick project that produces lovely results. Choose candles that are wrapped in cellophane, as these already have an adhesive surface to which the gilding will adhere.>>

  • Simple Treasure Soap>>

    Get clean and have some fun with personalized treasure soap.>>

  • 3 Do-It-Yourself Christmas Wreath>>

    Ready to deck the halls, but missing the most cruical piece of holiday decor? Check out these fun, do-it-yourself Christmas wreaths, and get ready to ring in the holiday cheer.>>

  • 4 Do-It-Yourself Christmas Ornament>>

    Love Christmas crafting? Try making these fun, festive decorations this holiday season.>>

  • 4 Easy Holiday Centerpieces>>

    Need to get your home in the festive spirit quick? These easy centerpieces will make any occasion brighter, whether it's Christmas dinner, New Year's Eve or simply a family holiday get-together.>>

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