Eat More to Weigh Less

We lose muscle mass after middle age, which slows metabolism and can lead to weight gain. Research shows that diets with up to 50-percent protein may help and are safe for most (except those with kidney disease). A 130-pound adult could aim for 70 grams daily. These substitutions will add protein-but won't add lots of fat and calories.

Instead of: 1 slice of bacon (3 g protein)
Eat: 1 egg (6 g protein)

Instead of: 1 glass of orange juice (1.5 g protein)
Eat: 1 glass of low-fat milk (8 g protein)

Instead of: 2 slices of processed cheese (11 g protein)
Eat: 3 oz of canned tuna (21 g protein)

Instead of: 2 chicken wings (9 g protein)
Eat: 3-½ oz of chicken breast (21 g protein)

Instead of: 1 hamburger patty (22 g protein)
Eat: 4 oz of lean steak (35 g protein)

Instead of: : 2 tbsp of sour cream (1 g protein)
Eat: ½ cup of cottage cheese (15 g protein)

Instead of: ½ cup of croutons (2 g protein)
Eat: ½ cup of tofu (20 g protein)

Instead of: 2 tbsp of cream cheese (2 g protein)
Eat: 2 tbsp of peanut butter (8 g protein)

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