The Best Canadian Cities to Raise a Family (1/13)

From access to daycare to cost of food, there are plenty of factors worth considering when choosing where to start a home for your growing family. We've ranked the family-friendliness of our provincial capitals and cities with a population of more than 80,000 to come up with our countdown of the best Canadian cities to raise a family.

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Ranking the 42 Best Cities in Canada to Raise a Family

What makes one Canadian city better than another when it comes to raising a family? Often times, it’s the little things that count. We ranked 42 Canadian cities in each of the following 11 categories to judge their family appeal.

Transit: With kids in tow, parents need to get around with minimum hassle.

Median age: A young population is one measure of a kid-friendly city.

Infant mortality: The best benchmark for the overall health of a region.

Mat leave: An extra couple of weeks can make a difference to a new mom.

Daycare: Finding a daycare spot can be a pain, but some parents have it easier.

Cost of food: Getting healthy food into the mouths of babes is a parent priority.

Mom groups: The more clubs and support groups for moms, the more welcoming the area for kids.

Intimate-partner violence: High rates of domestic abuse have far-reaching societal consequences.

Child and youth victims of crime: How dangerous will the streets be for your kids?

Libraries: Libraries are a good place to connect with others; and the closer by, the better.

Park space: Playing and picnics mean quality time for families.

Sources: Statistics Canada, the Childcare Resource and Research Unit, city workers, city websites, municipalities, All information is from 2006 or later, except for infant-mortality rates, which are a three-year average taken from 2005 to 2007.

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