The 7 Stages of Marriage (1/7)

Building a successful marriage is a lifelong challenge. Understanding the different stages of marriage and the phases you'll go through as a couple may help you build a stronger and more fulfilling relationship.

Stage One of Marriage: Passion Photo: ShutterStock

Stage One of Marriage: Passion

This is the honeymoon stage, when romance and intense attraction bond a couple together and lead to commitment. In retrospect, it often seems as short-lived as springtime-by two years, most couples have usually lost that initial magic, though this can vary by couple. But when it is happening, the passion stage is very strong and significant. It is a wave of feel-good brain chemicals orchestrated by Mother Nature to make the two of you forsake all others and take action to ensure the survival of the species.

Even if you’re marrying later in life, or for the second time, nature supplies these delicious bursts of neurotransmitters to make you bond. Couples not only frolic and fall madly in love in the passion stage – they begin to establish the trust, respect and emotional intimacy that will support their relationship forever.

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