12 Tips for Health-Friendly Spring Cleaning (1/12)

You many not realize it, but your house is hazardous to your health. Insect droppings, dust mites, bacteria-laden sponges, spoiled food - all contribute to a plethora of health problems ranging from allergies and asthma to gastrointestinal upsets. Plus, many cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOLs), which pose a number of health risks. There is a solution. Here's what the leading green cleaners recommend.

1. Clean in an Organized Manner

1. Clean in an Organized Manner

There’s no point in mopping the floor only to dust the ceiling fan next and deposit a grey film over everything again. To clean well – and that means to clean healthily – you need to clean efficiently, avoiding going back and forth around a room. Instead, work using a systematic approach. Think in terms of left to right, top to bottom. Begin with ceilings and walls, and work your way down to windows and furniture, finishing with the floors.

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