Cold and Flu

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  • 5 Homemade Cough-Taming Teas>>

    Cough remedies don't have to taste terrible in order to be effective! A cup of hot tea, for instance, can soothe your throat and tame your cough—if you brew it with the following ingredients.>>

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    Would you rather suffer through your cough than take that disgusting store-bought syrup? Try one of these homemade cough and sore throat remedies instead. >>

  • 25 Ways to Beat a Cold>>

    We can clone mammals, send a spacecraft to Mars, and invent fat-free cheesecake, but we still can’t cure the common cold. We can, however, make it a bit easier on ourselves by adopting these 25 cold-coping strategies.>>

  • 10 More Healing Herbs and Spices>>

    Dozens of herbs and spices contain useful plant compounds, but the following 10 are healing standouts.>>

  • 5 Ways to Recover From a Cold or the Flu>>

    When fall rolls around, there are a few certainties we can all depend on: pumpkin spiced lattes, colourful leaves, Halloween candy lining store shelves – and weakened immune systems. Here are five tips on how to get better when you’re stuck with a cold or the flu. Sponsored by Shopper’s Drug Mart>>

  • 10 Steps to Outsmarting Cold and Flu Season>>

    They’re back! Cold and influenza viruses are invading Canadian homes, schools, and offices, but did you know that you could steer clear of becoming ill this season? Here are 10 expert tips for outsmarting colds and flu. Sponsored by Shopper’s Drug Mart>>

  • 8 Healthy Habits to Keep Kids From Getting Sick>>

    When you and your kids develop routines that are known to prevent the spread of germs, you actually reduce your risk of getting sick. Here are eight habits that will keep your whole family healthier this season. Sponsored by Shopper’s Drug Mart>>

  • 5 Ways to Avoid the Flu>>

    Millions of Canadians are hit every year with influenza, a common viral infection of the nose, throat, and lungs, which passes easily from person to person. The good news? The flu is preventable if you take the right steps. Sponsored by Shopper’s Drug Mart>>

  • Quiz: Is it a Cold or the Flu?>>

    Is it a cold, the flu or just feeling a little under the weather? Find out if you know the difference.>>

  • What to Eat to Treat a Cold>>

    Learn the best foods to fight, treat, and beat a cold or the flu.>>

  • 10 Things Not to Do This Flu Season>>

    It's important to learn the best tips for keeping healthy and avoiding the flu.>>

  • 10 Ways to Outsmart the Stomach Flu>>

    Norovirus — or stomach flu — can really put your body through the ringer. Here’s what infectious disease experts recommend to outsmart the germs, stay healthy, and recover quickly.>>

  • 5 Ways Not to Be That Annoying Sick Person at the Gym>>

    When you take the right steps to protect your health (and that of innocent gym goers), working out while you’re sick may even be good for you.>>

  • 5 Age-Old Ways to Prevent the Flu>>

    It's just about impossible to predict what a flu virus is going to do. But history offers a critical guide anyway, showing public health officials which moves are likely to pay off in the battle against the disease.>>

  • 12 Ways to Look Good When You’re Sick>>

    Getting sick during flu and cold season is a given, but looking sick doesn't have to be! Here are beauty tips from the pros on how to look your best even when you don't feel it.>>

  • 10 Things You Should Know About the Flu Virus>>

    Want to know how to avoid the flu? Here's what the virus would tell you if it could: whom it loves to infect, the surprising places it lurks in your home, and how it makes you feel so crummy.>>

  • 6 Answers to Common Cold Questions>>

    Is it a cold or a flu? Does visiting the gym increase your odds of catching a cold? Are you blowing your nose the wrong way? We're here to clear up questions about the common cold.>>

  • 14 Ways to Prevent a Nasty Cold or Flu>>

    Sick of suffering through the sniffles? Next time you feel a cold coming on try one of these strategies to bring it to a dead halt.>>

  • 4 Natural Cough Remedies>>

    Whether you're suffering from a wet or dry cough, get relief from the painful hacking with these fast-acting home remedies.  >>

  • 6 Tricks to Treat and Prevent a Cold>>

    Find out what you can do to prevent catching a cold this season and learn how to treat a cold if you happen to catch one anyway.>>

  • 6 Secrets to Beating a Cold With Natural Products>>

    Susan Smith Jones, PhD, is no stranger to health secrets. The author of 27 books, including The Joy Factor: 10 Sacred Practices for Radiant Health, has been teaching students at UCLA how to be healthy and fit for 30 years.>>

  • 4 Things to Fine-Tune Your Immune System>>

    What multiplies as fast as a flu virus? Claims about immune boosters, most of which just boost a few bucks from your wallet. Here are the ones worth trying out.>>

  • 7 Home Remedies From Around the World>>

    Every culture has its own special folk medicines that are passed down through the generations, and recent medical studies have confirmed that many of the herbs used in these home remedies are effective.>>

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About the Flu>>

    Arm yourself with reliable resources and information to protect yourself and your family during the flu season.>>